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Lot n°0534

HILL (W.H. et A.F.) et EBSWORTH HILL (A.). - The Violin-Makers of the Guarneri Family (1626-1762). Their Life and Work. London, The Holland Press Ltd, 1965, 4°, 2 cartes dépl., ill. coul., rel. édit., jaq./ CODAZZI (R.). I centenari dei Guarneri. Cremona, Consorzio Liutai e Archettai "Antonio Stradivari", 1999, 4°, ill. coul., rel. édit. jaq./ DILWORTH (J.), FAIRFAX (A.) et MILNES (J.). The Voller Brothers. Victorian Violin Makers. Oxford, British Violin Making Association, 2006, 4°, ill. coul., rel. édit./ Ens. 3 vol.
Estimation: 25/50€
Adjugé: 45€