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Livres d'artistes.- - The Artist and the Book 1860-1960 in Western Europe and the United States. Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, 1961, 4°, toile édit., jaq./ Beyond Illustration : The Livre d'artiste in the Twentieth Century. Exhibition. Bloomington, The Lilly Library, 1976, 4°, agrafé (plis)./ JOHNSON (R.). et STEIN (D.). Artists' Books in the Modern Era 1870-2000. The Reva and David Logan Collection of Illustrated Books. Exhibition. San Francisco, Fine Arts Museums, 2001, 4°, 302 p., br./ KELLY (J.), CASTLEMAN (R.) et HOY (A.H.). The Best of Both Worlds. Finely Printed Livres d'Artistes, 1910-2010. N.Y., The Grolier Club ; Boston, David R. Godine, 2010, 4°, toile édit./ BURY (St.). Breaking the Rules. The Printed Face of the European Avant Garde 1900-1937. Exhibition. Londres, The British Library, 2007, grand 8°, toile édit., jaq./ DRUCKER (J.). The Century of Artists's Books. N.Y., Granary Books, 2007, 8°, br./ Ens. 6 vol.
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