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Lot n°296

DUCHAMP - - Marcel Duchamp. Exhibition. Antwerpen, Ronny Van de Velde, 1991. Édition de luxe tirée à 850 ex. num. La justification du tirage précise le contenu de ce livre-objet : « It consists of the following items : a list of the exhibits ; a portfolio with faithful reproductions of works by Duchamp, also including a copy of H. Vuibert, "Les Anaglyphes géométriques", Paris, Librairie Vuibert, 1912 (with 3D-glasses) and a reproduction of a page from "The Blinded Man" N° 2 (P.B.T.) ; a book with articles on Duchamp by André Breton and Arturo Schwarz (inserted on a separate sheet, a reproduction of "Le Grand Verre") ; an audiocassette of Duchamp speaking ; a single photograph of "Marcel Duchamp at the Age of Eighty-Five" for View's special Marcel Duchamp number. All these items are packed in a wooden box, the top and bottom of which being reproductions of Duchamp's 'mental' Chess Board ». État neuf.
Estimation: 300/500€
Adjugé: 580€