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- Impression vénitienne du 16e s.- DOLCE (Lodovico).- Lettere di diversi eccellentiss[imi] huomini raccolte da diverse libri : tra le quali se ne leggone molte, non più stampate, con gli argomenti per ciascuna delle materie, di che elle trattano, e nel fine una tavola delle cose più notabili, a commodo de gli studiosi. Vinegia [Venise], Gabriel Giolito de' Ferrari, 1559, in-12, 534-[18] p., plein vélin ancien à petits rabats (traces de cordonnets, traces d'usage). Signature ancienne au titre. Ex-libris Nordkirchen. Bel ex. Giolito device (phoenix atop flaming orb) on title page ; alternate device (phoenix facing the sun) on colophon page. In the context of Renaissance society, publishing a well-crafted letter was one more way for courtiers and notables to broadcast their refinement, like wearing the clothes we see in Renaissance portraiture. Apparently private letters were indeed public matter, enthusiastically shared and discussed. Some letters became famous. Renaissance publishers could not resist the urge to anthologize such fare. Paolo Manuzio and several other established publishers issued collections of letters, and so did Gabriel Giolito de' Ferrari. Giolito had his resident scholar, Lodovico Dolce, create a greatest hits volume of letters that had appeared in print in a wide variety of sources. Dolce set out to collect « the most beautiful letters and the ones of greatest value ». The collection first appeared in 1554, and it became a model for a certain type of familiar-sounding Italian prose, as well as a treasury of stories involving some of 16th-cent. Italy's greatest minds. The book was produced in small quantity and quickly sold out. A second edition was necessary, and Dolce prepared it with a completely new dedication, and with notable changes in content from the 1554 edition, including the addition of several letters by Giulia da Ponte. Of the two editions, Bongi writes both are very uncommon, and highly sought by collectors. Since there are notable differences between the two, with each containing letters that are missing in the other, both would be worthy of acquisition by a true devotee.
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