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- DUCHAMP, JOHNS, TINGUELY....- TAKIGUCHI (Shuzo). To and From Rrose Sélavy : Selected Works of Marcel Duchamp. Japanese Version. With special contributions : a self-portrait in profil by Marcel Duchamp ; works by Shusaku Arakawa, Jaspers Johns and Jean Tinguely. Tokyo, Art Market Satani Gallery, 1968, 4°, 108 p., br., emboîtage édit. en toile grise. Tiré à 560 ex. num. 1/60 ex. de tête. This edition contains the following : "Rrose Selavy in the Wilson-Lincoln System" : a double-image plastic plate (signed by Marcel Duchamp) ; an original embossed print, "Summer Critic" by Jasper Johns, numbered and signed by the artist ; color reproductions of "Still Life", by Shusaku Arakawa and of a collage-drawing by Jean Tinguely, each signed by the artist ; a reproduction of Duchamp's self-portrait in profile made for the author. Eager to share Duchamp with Japanese audiences, Shuzo Takiguchi a Japanese-born poet, critic, and artist with ties to surrealist circles-completed To and From Rrose Sélavy shortly after Duchamp's death in 1968. The work consists of Japanese translations of Duchamp's writings and artworks reflecting his influence. Takiguchi's own piece, a lenticular double portrait, combines Rrose Sélavy's signature with Man Ray's 1930 profile of Duchamp. Its title, Rrose Sélavy in the Wilson-Lincoln System, refers to Duchamp's Green Box note describing a two-way, changeable portrait of presidents Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson.
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