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- GOUDY (F.W.). Typologia. Studies in Type Design and Type Making with comments on the invention of typography. The first types legibility and fine printing. Berkeley, Univ. of California Press, 1940, gd 8°, XVI-170 p., ill., toile édit./ RENNER (P.). Die Kunst der Typographie. Berlin, Frenzel, 1939, 8°, 314 p., ill. in- et hors texte, toile édit./ WILLIAMSON (H.). Methods of Book Design. The practice of an industrial craft. London, Oxford Univ. Press, 1956, 8°, 430 p., ill. in- et hors texte, toile édit./ TIRNER BERRY (A.) and JOHNSON (A.F.). Encyclopedia of Type Faces. London, Blandford Press, 1953, gd 8°, 336 p., nombr. ill., toile édit./ GOUDY (F.W.). The Type Designs made for Private and Commercial Use, 1896 to 1943. New York, The Typophiles, 1944, in-12, 8 p., agrafé./ Ens. 5 vol.
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