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- Édition du 16e s. sur les sorciers.- BARTHOLOMAEUS DELLA SPINA. Quaestio de strigibus, una cum tractatu de praeeminentia sacrae theologiae, et quadruplici apologia de lamiis contra Ponzinibium. Romae, in Aedibus Populi Romani, 1576, 4°, [8]-180 p., plein veau brun du 18e s, dos à nerfs décoré (coiffes arasées, mors fendus, lég. bruniss.). Bartolomeo Della Spina (ca 1475-1546), partisan extrême de la croyance en la sorcellerie, s'oppose à Gianfrancesco Ponzinibio, un avocat italien qui a condamné les méthodes utilisées par l'Inquisition pour prouver la culpabilité des sorciers. « Spina was among the leading theologians of the sixteenth century. His major work, the ?Quaestio de Strigibus? (On witches) was first issued in 1523. Specifically Italian in its orientation it upheld the belief in witches, especially their flight by night, intercourse with demons, and transformation into animals. Spina advocated accepting spectral evidence. He observed that if the confessions of witches were sufficient to burn them, then their evidence under torture naming accomplices should also be accepted. Such accomplices also all confessed when tortured and furthermore, God would not allow truly innocent people to be defamed in this way. Spina, an extreme supporter of the belief in witchcraft, opposed Gianfrancesco Ponzinibio, an Italian lawyer who condemned the methods used by the Inquisition to prove the guilt of witches » (https://library.sydney.edu.au/collections/rare-books/online-exhibitions/witchcraft/w-early/spina-desc.html).
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