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- BALLARD (George). Memoirs of Several Ladies of Great Britain, who have been celebrated for their Writings, or skill in the learned Languages, Arts and Sciences. Oxford, W. Jackson, 1752, 4°, XVII-1 blanche-472-[2] p., reliure postérieure en demi-veau brun à coins, dos à nerfs, titre doré (qq. accrocs, qq. bruniss. et rousseurs, p. de titre lég. souillée). Bon exemplaire. George Ballard (ca 1706 - 1755) was an English antiquary and biographer. Ballard died young, and his only printed publication was this quarto volume published by subscription, and dedicated to Sarah Talbot of Kineton, the wife of the clergyman William Talbot of Kineton who had helped him receive patronage as a young man, and Mary Delany. The first woman treated by Ballard's « Memoirs » was Juliana of Norwich ; the last was Constantia Grierson (1704/5-1732).
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